Currently, there’s a problem faced by Bangladeshi migrants which include high fees for migration charged by recruitment agencies. Bangladesh to improve the overall management of labor migration and to ensure protection and decent employment conditions to the Bangladeshi migrant workers. Especially for low skilled jobs, lack of information on migration opportunities, and risks.

701,000 Bangladeshis migrated abroad for jobs through research, which is 51,000 more than that of the previous year. Forty-four percent of those who migrated last year were skilled workers.

Besides, 111,000 were women, and some 50% of them were either divorced or left by their husbands. This has prompted the government to ensure better protection of women migrants.

Bangladeshi who work under a new deal could effect human trafficking, yet activists said Bangladesh’s migration system must be revamped in order to protect workers.

Our country had said that it was considering a 0 cost recruitment agreement on Bangladesh, over concerns that they were being charged excessive fees by labor agencies and brokers.

Bangladesh’s current recruitment system has involved a lot of unofficial middlemen which often give false promises about jobs and then charge exorbitant fees that trap many workers in debt bondage.

Bangladeshi workers are a major source of employment and are likely to remain so in the near future. Migration flow is positively the long-term trend has continued to be positive for more than 2 decades as economic growth has accelerated.

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