For General workers, the employer must buy 3 sets of complete insurance for calling visa / Renewal Permit / Rehiring Program. There are 4 types of Foreign Worker Insurance in Malaysia, which is Foreign Worker Insurance Guarantee ( FWIG ), Foreign Worker Compensation Scheme ( FWCS ), Foreign Worker Hospitalisation and Surgical Scheme ( SPIKPA / FWHS /SKHPPA ), and lastly Foreign Maid Insurance / Domestic Help Insurance ( MAID ).

The duration of cover set by the Immigration Department is eighteen (18) months. The premium payable varies depending on the nationality of the foreign worker and One of the insurance company in Malaysia (formerly known as ACE Jerneh Insurance Berhad) underwriting requirements.

The “Foreign Worker Hospitalisation and Surgical Scheme” provides medical coverage up to RM10,000 to each foreign worker for treatment and hospitalization in government hospitals. Medical benefits would be charged consistent with the Third (3rd) Classroom and board, up to a maximum of RM60 per day. The scheme covers injuries, accidents, and sickness.

However, This is the only 4 types of foreign worker insurance in Malaysia that employers must-have for all their foreign workers in Malaysia.

Our expertise and understanding of the requirements of the Malaysian Government towards employing foreign workers in Malaysia help us provide you with a complete and comprehensive solution for your foreign workers.

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