Are you looking for Myanmar Foreign Workers Agency? For your information, there is a group or you can so call a company called Alahad Group, which is one of the largest sources of Myanmar Foreign Workers Agency. Alahad Group is a flagship of Myanmar Foreign Workers Agency that has been united into a single company Alahad Group with the common purpose of being industry leaders in the delivery of overseas recruitment services. But this company is based in Pakistan.

If you ever looking for Myanmar Worker Agency in Malaysia. We, iBestjob International also include Myanmar Worker Agency in Malaysia. We not only supply Myanmar Worker, but we also do bring in semi, skilled and expatriate (Under Category I, II, III) for all sectors. With this, we aim to become a one-stop centre for all recruitment needs and delivering easier accessibility and convenience for our current and prospective clients.

There is a very acute shortage of general labourers in the Malaysia market. With the growing dependence for blue-collar workers, many industries in the manufacturing, service, construction, plantation and agricultural sector still rely heavily on foreign workers as a replacement for local labourers due to their reliability and cost-efficiency.

OSC is also one of the Myanmar Worker Agency in Malaysia, they have hired to process the visa applications of the thousands across Myanmar who come here each month with dreams of turning their lives around in Malaysia.

I mean there are still many tons of Myanmar Worker Agency in Malaysia. What I did mention is those quite well-known companies in this field. No matter how many agencies there're out there. Having the one that will satisfy with their work is the most important part.

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