So what does FOMEMA stands for just in case that you’re curious, it actually stands for ‘Foreign Workers Medical Examination Monitoring Agency’

FOMEMA is the only agency that will do medical check-up health care for all the foreign workers, the purpose of it, is to avoid unhealthy workers affect country economic and societies. It is crucial for the purpose of verification of the identity of the foreign worker’s medical check-up health program

*Advice to Management, It’s to present and give awareness to immigration, home ministries and health ministry of this situation.

Upon arrival within 1 month, foreign workers are required to perform Medical-Check-Up which we so call (FOMEMA). It is a must for all of the foreign workers to take the Medical-Check-Up test. Is including when Employers pay for their Insurance (FWCS). Every medical check-up for the foreign worker will be appointed at a certain hospital or clinic after the medical examination and tests have been conducted, the clinic is required to submit the results to FOMEMA within 10 days. The results are transmitted electronically to FOMEMA, which in turn transmits the result to the Immigration Department.

There are cases that are not allowed to appeal, such as- Malaria, Pregnancy, Tuberculosis (Audited Abnormal Chest X-Ray by FOMEMA) and also Syphilis.

For more FOMEMA details or rules, do click the link below.

Here some basic steps for your information if you want to register at FOMEMA website. Before you want to register your foreign worker’s medical examination, you will need to register yourself as an employer on the portal.

Then you need to have all sorts of documents, such as

1) Foreign Workers Passport,
2) Approval Letter/Calling Visa, 
3) Medical Report from county origin, Payable to (FOMEMA 
4) FOMEMA Register Form.

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