“For employers who have already paid to get foreign workers, they do not know what to do next,” said employers.

There’re two ways for a firm/company to hire foreign workers.

1) Permanent Foreign Workers
Generally; Work visas can be obtained by the employer or foreign manpower worker recruitment agencies in Malaysia who engage this workforce for various needs.

This is possible only when local hiring or permanent citizens are unavailable to be hired or engaged as per the Ministry Of Home Affairs.


2) Temporary Foreign Workers (Mostly)
The rules state that industries/ companies planning to hire more than 51 workers can apply to the Ministry Of Home Affairs directly – though most prefer to go through a reputed and experienced recruitment agency in Malaysia.

Here, a temporary employment pass is required, which is issued for workers for a period under 2 years.

Other than that, there are way too many steps for a company to understand the steps. So, the best way is to find for a recruitment agency to help you get it done. Get their idea/consultation and choose the one you think that can really help you manage it from head to toe.

Steps like :-
1. Place order with Foreign Worker Agency
2. Pace Job Order
3. Interview Session
4. Receive Biodata
5. Calling Visa Application
6. Visa Clearance by Embassy
7. Labour Office & Manpower Ministry Approval
8. Security Checking
9. Worker Departure
10. KDN Approval

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