Nepali Workers in Malaysia throughout Peninsular Malaysia, mainly concentrated in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. There are around 500,000 Nepali Worker in Malaysia currently. Which they work in so many sectors which including Manufacturing, Plantation, Cleaner, Maid and more.

Malaysian and Nepali ministers signed an agreement last year that requires employers to pay for visa fees and air tickets, and provided a guarantee of salary payments the first week of every month. Roughly around 400,000 Nepalis work in Malaysian palm and rubber plantations, factories, and service industries.

Why Nepali Workers in Malaysia? Let us share some points with you, why them? For your information, Nepalese workers really have an impressive reputation.

1) First of all the Nepal country itself is situated very close to the labor importing countries which it's also linked by air with all most of all the major cities of the world.
2) Nepalese workers are Productive, Hardworking, Negotiable, Responsible and last but not least they are Friendly.
3) All the technical and non-technical Nepalese workers are comparatively most effective and their hiring cost lower than other labor exporting countries.
4) Nepalese workers are experienced in working in extremes of climatic conditions.
5) Nepalese workers can communicate with Hindi and simple English language so there's no struggle when you trying to communicate with them.

This year Malaysian and Nepalese officially have worked out the term of a foreign-worker agreement which allow Nepali citizen to seek opportunity in Malaysia again!

So hiring Nepali Workers in Malaysia isn’t a bad idea right?

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