About Us

Since its humble inception in 2007, Agensi Pekerjaan VSP Ocean Sdn Bhd (IBestJob) (790477-P), fully licensed by by Ministry Of Human Resource (MOHR) has been granted approval to bring in foreign workers and have been supplying all kind of candidates from laborers to semi, skilled and expatriates to a wide variety of clientele ranging from manufacturing, construction and service sectors.

We are ever committed and staying true to core values :-

Respect – We treat everyone with uncompromising respect, civility and fairness.

Collaboration – We work as a team and share knowledge for continuous improvement, learning, and

Empowerment – We are empowered to deliver operational excellence through innovation and leadership at all levels.

Responsibility – We are responsible to fulfil our commitments to colleagues and clients with a clear understanding of the urgency and accountability inherent in those commitments.

Reliability – We value the trust our customers put in us, and we work hard to live up to that trust by delivering dependable service across the country and globally

Our motto ‘Connecting Jobs Today’ is to help aspiring jobseekers and Companies with all their employment needs. As we are moving towards e-commerce, the sky’s the limit. With endless opportunities, we hope to form a reliable platform for all who requires our services. ‘Connecting Jobs Today’ our motto, our way of saying job connectivity is accessible to all at your fingertip.

  • Executive Search
  • Permanent / Temporary Placement & Consultancy / Internship
  • Overseas Placements
  • Vocational Training / Orientation Services
  • Payroll and Management Services
  • Online Portal
  • Foreign Worker
  • Miscellaneous - Renewal Of Permits/ COM / Insurance – Foreign Workers Scheme

Ibestjob International – supplying all kind of workforce to local and overseas market. We have been providing foreign workers management services to our clients. Under the Private Employment Agencies Act 1981 and the revised Act 2017, Agensi Pekerjaan VSP Ocean Sdn Bhd (JTKSM 241C) is fully recognized by Jabatan Tenaga Kerja Semenanjung Malaysia (JTKSM) to carry out recruitment activities for all Malaysians within and outside of Malaysia and for non-citizens.   Over the years, we have successfully help many candidates from overseas and supplied to local companies in different industries and various fields. We have also assisted many expatriate’s in different Categories seeking employment in Malaysia and overseas market as well.

Ibestjob Malaysia – With the growing need of local employment in Malaysia, Ibestjob Malaysia is an online platform via jobs portal for jobseekers to seek a better career and Employers to locate their ideal candidates.  As an online Job Portal, the reach is much wider and cost effective. With thousands of ready database in our portal, it’s definitely the ideal platform and staying true to our motto of ‘Connecting Jobs Today’. At IbestJob Malaysia, we also provide specialized and executive search based on the criteria set by the Clients.  

Ibestjob Nepal – An online job portal in Nepal with a vision to help create and connect aspirant candidates with their dream job. Companies have the hope of fulfilling their recruitment and employment needs in this platform with the relevant skills and expertise best suited for their establishment.

Ibestjob Asia – Being one of the largest suppliers and exporter of human labor to all around the world, , its not surprise that Agensi Pekerjaan VSP (Ibestjob) has formed a strategic partnership with Lumbini Darshan Manpower Pvt Ltd and also setting up VSPM Training Academy Pvt Ltd in Nepal.

Lumbini Darshan Manpower Pvt Ltd, which was granted license No.579/66/67 by the Nepal Government has been supplying workforce to various countries including Mauritius, Poland, Malta, Australia, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Dubai and Qatar. We have also plans to expand our foothold in new markets such as Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Lumbini Darshan is aiming to become a market leader in the supply of Nepaly workers abroad.

In line with the supply chain and growing demand for semi and skilled workers, VSPM Training Academy Pvt Ltd was established to provide vocational training to aspirant candidates seeking certain skills and knowledge in selected fields for local and overseas market.  

Under Ibestjob Asia, the needs of candidates and Employers are fulfilled under one roof. VSPM being the provider for acquiring, training and providing the relevant skills to candidates and Lumbini Darshan being the authorized manpower to perform all activities pertaining to the supply and seeking approval from the relevant authorities for the deployment of such workers to countries all over the world.


Vinny Low

Sales & Marketing Director

Vinny has been working in Sales and Marketing line for 19 years with vast experience in this industry creating teams and dedicated in providing value & service to enterprising customers. She is the Co-Founder and Director of the Company since its inception. As the Head of Marketing, she is overseeing the progress and expansion of Ibestjob International & Ibestjob Malaysia.


Shirley Tan

Executive Director

In her 25-year experience, Shirley has been committed and excelled in recruitment and human resource services. As one of the Founder and Director of the Company, She is currently overseeing the entire operations of the company in Ibestjob Group International. She started in recruitment industry at the age of 21 years old and over the years has built a stable and sound foundation laying the groundwork for the expansion of Ibestjob International.


Peter Lo

International Director

Peter has a vast 14 year experience in recruitment and mainly dealing with supply chain for international market. As a Co-Founder and Director of the Company, Peter is mainly dealing the operations and supply for Ibestjob Nepal and Ibestjob Asia. Besides Nepal, he is incharge of the supply chain for Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.

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Aria Rodriguez
Product Manager

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Jeniffer simpson
Marketing Manager

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